A Slightly Different Law Firm Website

The old website for my law firm was really boring. So are most other law firm websites. What was there? Well, a picture of me in front of law books wearing a suit. The address and phone number for the office. A list of practice areas. Yawn.

One day I decided that I hate my website, and all the other websites like it. So I made a new website. Oh sure, I’ve still got the standard picture of me and all the other stuff that screams out “Hey! I’m a lawyer!” But those things don’t really tell you anything about us. How do you get to know someone? Through conversation. And the Internet is supposed to be all about conversation these days. (It’s the ability to talk back that makes Myspace, Facebook, and all the other “Web 2.0” sites popular, in my opinion.)

So I’m going to try posting some blogs from time to time, and I invite you to talk back.

(Update: as a lawyer in a litigious society, I should know better than most people that we need disclaimers. Lots and lots of disclaimers. Why? Well, every disclaimer you see means that there’s a lawyer somewhere writing disclaimers instead of competing with me for new clients. Also, lawyers are genetically hardwired with a need to write disclaimers. So here’s mine: this site contains my observations and opinions. It’s not legal advice for you in your specific situation. If you rely on something written here, you do so at your own risk. You got a problem with that? Sue me. Umm, on second thought, don’t.)


5 responses to “A Slightly Different Law Firm Website

  1. I may change my disclosure to the terms of use found here: http://www.dvorak.org/blog/html/terms.html

  2. Jack, glad to see your still you.
    Love the website.
    Now if I can just prove you wrong about the ending up dead thing.

  3. I appreciate this site, since it directly tackles the most sought or some of basic queries regarding legal issues.

  4. I very much like this site. For once a real lawyer. A PERSON. I never liked dealing with lawyers in the past. But if I would ever need one for some reason in the future I be sure to give this guy a call. Someone who seems real, honest, all around nice guy. Keep up the great work!

  5. Jack, excellent website! I see you and I find the humor in what we do(it isn’t easy sometimes). It’s not always about the hard sell! Thanks for reaching out, it’s certainly good to know of someone from Lincoln in the field. My office is at 175 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville PA 19053, a stones throw from NE Philly. Think of me for any cases involving WC, PI, CRIM DEf,SSD, DOM REL. I will do the same please let me know what your specialty is. thanks, eric nash

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