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  1. My camper was totaled while parked in a secure place during a high speed police chase on July 3rd.and I am out 21thousand dollars and am not getting any response from police.
    The guy that the police had no insurance and the police as far as I can tell are doing nothing .

    • Steve, I’d be glad to talk to you regarding this situation. Please give me a call at (717) 272-6500 so we can discuss the details. Since I don’t have some of the critical details, I’ll just say that we’ll look at three possible claims: whether you have any collision coverage or other insurance that may pay something, whether it makes sense to go after the driver the police were pursuing (it may be relatively easy to get a judgment against him, but nearly impossible to collect), and whether the police might have any liability. Any claim against the police based on a theory of negligence or recklessness in pursuing a high speed chase is not likely to be successful. However, you may be able to get the court to impose a restitution order against the driver as part of his criminal sanctions. That’s typically better than a civil judgment, since he gets thrown in jail if he doesn’t pay. But it’s likely to be a long time before you’d see any money.

  2. Me a and my Boyfriend are breaking up if he gets a eviction notice and this is my address for over 6 months he said he can just give me 30 days and I have to be out can you please let me know if i have a little longer than 30 days please??

  3. Hello,

    I am writing to inquire if your firm can provide services for escrow relative to purchase/sale agreements and closings. I am purchasing a used excavator in your state and the purchase agreement requires escrow services, I want to know if you can provide escrow service and be the closing agent for this purchase. Let me know if this is your area of practice and i will send you the purchase agreement and the escrow instruction for your review. If not please provide a referral to my private email:


    Mark Williams

  4. Parbatie Samaroo

    Do you practice Civil Law?

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